Friday, January 25, 2008

Ink & Dagger

My good friend Bryan recently leant me his usb turntable. I've been capturing a lot of vinyl that I will be posting on this blog over the next month. The first is from the almighty Ink & Dagger. I've been looking for the Sensation 7" in mp3 format for awhile to no avail so I had to capture and post it here first. If you don't know who Ink & Dagger is check out their Wiki. Enjoy! Look out for a lot more posts over the next few days.

Ink & Dagger - "Sensation" 7 inch


Anonymous said...

get on your knees bitches!!!
more rare ink and dagger please.

eQ Rickly said...

yeah i agree !
more Ink & Dagger pleaseeee !
you rule man !

Samantha Marble Photography said...

I still listen to "Drive this wooden stake through my Philadelphia Heart", sadly, almost daily. I love it more 10 years later than I did then. RIP Shawn.