Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Below are 2 Leviathan demos I recently received. Thanks to Bobb for hooking me up with these. Like most Leviathan demos don't let the word "demo" fool you. These recordings sound better than most of the black metal albums coming out today. If anyone has any other Leviathan demos please get in touch. I'm mainly looking for "THREE (Demo 3)" and "Time End". Be on the look out for another Leviathan demo I will be posting here in the next few days. Be sure to pick up Leviathan's new album "Massive Conspiracy Against All Life."

LEVIATHAN - "Video Brolo (Demo 8)" (not the original album cover)
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LEVIATHAN - "Nine (Inclement Derision)"
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Anonymous said...

For your information, and everyone else's that comes to this page to download this...Video Brolo is fake. At least the rip circulating of it is. If you compare it to MisanthropicNecroBlasphemy (Demo 4), you will see that it is a carbon copy of that rip, which had already been circulating for nearly 2 years.

Here is part of the story behind Video Brolo. Wrest never released it to the public, & only 1 copy of the tape was given to Maelstrom, A local San Francisco based e-zine dedicated to underground metal. It was submitted to them, as well as most, but not all of his other demos; for the purpose of promotion and exposure.

Wrest decided after their review of demo 8 to not release it at all, or even allow others to hear it. He was going through a lot of turmoil due to a bad relationship at the time, and wasn't pleased with the affect it had on his music at all. Wrest has also vocally condemned it as his 'failed' demo. To elaborate further, influence from these factors can be found many times on demo 9 (Inclement Derision), which proves that there is truth to what I'm speaking of. For example, he stated in the interview in issue #5 of Maelstrom that he's continuing to progress past the mid-paced style that he has proved time and again to have mastered, and is challenging himself by incorporating elements of math rock and some Swans-type material into the fold (not to mention the windchimes that he talks about in the interview) "Now Hallow" on Inclement Derision contains the only moment that one could call 'heartfelt' in all of Leviathan's entire discography. As a lull in the music is opened, and a coherent "I would have given you anything" is heard. Also, according to Wrest, most of the songs on Inclement Derision are about women, and relationships.

This may also explain why he considered Video Brolo to be sub-par by his standard for what he had made Leviathan to sound like, and the conscious decision to deliberately make it into what it has evolved into nowadays. 8 was apparently much different, slower, experimental, and sharply contrasts anything he had written before as Leviathan, so the final decision was never to let it see the light of day, and instead focus once again on the sound he had established with Leviathan, yet still get what he was going through at the time off his chest, and to write Leviathan material with a different, more aggressive approach. Hence, Inclement Derision's unique sound.

Bottom line is this...Demo 8 - Video Brolo was never released, and no one will ever hear it. It's still fairly incredible to me that so many people still believe the rip of it to be authentic, even given the blatant fact that it's replica of an older demo. Which also proves how little people really care about the music itself, and how important just having that folder to show off to others truly is. And people still wonder why he has abandoned Leviathan...

always last said...

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