Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Today is my birthday. I turn the big 28. Leave audio presents in the comments section. - Nick


Alan Parsons said...

Happy B-Day! Here's Song of Zarathustra live at WNYU, 7/00.

This is right after reforming in 2000 and using a Roland R-8 drum machine.

Damn Those Blood Suckers said...

this is great! thank you so much!!!!!

Kyle said...

chadd said...

Happy B-day, man.

This is a band called Horror City; chaotic hardcore similar to Sailboats, Textbook Traitors.

Damn Those Blood Suckers said...

thanks kyle and chadd. i'm listening to the horror city stuff right now. it's really good. i'm going to check out the followed by ghosts album after

Jeff Chord said...

Hey man, my main computer is down I'm posting from my friends laptop, but happy bday! You were entering your first days of elementary when I was being born hahahaha. Hope that doesn't make ya feel too old.

mr.A said...

...i bet you enjoying your hangover now, sorry i'm a little late. Happy B Day dude!

B.J. said...

There is probably some stuff here you'd be interested in:


Happy belated birthday, etc.

blend77 said...

hey dude! Happy Birfday!

getting old now. Ha! Don't worry. I still got a few years on ya, so you can always rest easy knowing your younger.

Heres some presents you may or may not have..

Endpoint - Catharsis

Cannabis Corpse - Tubes of the Resinated

Carcass - Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious

Damn Those Blood Suckers said...

Thanks everyone for your posts. I was nursing a healthy sized hangover yesterday so i didnt get to see the rest of these posts until today. all of these uploads rule and are greatly appreciated. xo

jordan said...

i think youd enjoy some of the stuff i post.

xlasttrainhomex said...

Happy birthday Nick!

I've recently made a review of one of my favourite black metal albums, Ulver's Nattens Madrigal, true norwegian black metal supposedly recorded in a norwegian forest on an 8-track recorder.

If you love true black metal you will enjoy it!

(the download link is at the bottom of the post)

xlasttrainhomex said...

Here is another one:

Full video set of the last Orchid show.

anek said...

Late, but still all the best. Here is some great stuff from ultranihil's blog - think mix of khanate and nirvana, sludge in form, total punk in heart

You are as well welcome to enjoy my cold summer dawn mixtape, our tastes are pretty similar, so may like it (or not:)

So happy happy whole another year

Martin said...


Check it out,
obscure young Swedish BM. No satanic posery!

Anonymous said...