Wednesday, March 31, 2010

108 "Spoken Words"

Anyone who knows me knows one of my favorite bands is 108. No other band has had the deep impact on me that they have. Even today I'm still striving to live up to the philosophy of Gaudiya Vaishnavism that they exposed me to.
Below is a cassette the band self released in 1991. It's a mix of spoken word, demos of songs, and other random bits. I remember my friend Bryan giving me a copy of this when I was 15 and listening to it all the time. Recommended not only for the die hard 108 fans. You may even learn something along the way.
108's new record "18.61" is coming out on Deathwish soon. Even though Robert Fish has left the band recently they are still planning on forging ahead.

108 - "Spoken Words" Cassette
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Unknown said...

This tape was of course put out by Vic prior to 108 recording any music. I am the girl who is reading a few poems on it...and I haven't heard it in probably 20 years....Thanks for the download link!

Unknown said...
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METRO/SEA said...

That's amazing! If you see this please get in touch with me at . I would love to ask you about the poems and recording if that's ok. Thanks. Haribol - Nick