Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fenriz / Darkthrone / Until The Light Takes Us

I've been listening to Darkthrone's new album "Circle The Wagons" on repeat over the past week. The new record is a extension of the bands 80's thrash leanings that they've been exploring over the last few records. Highly recommended!

The also highly recommended Black Metal documentary featuring Fenriz of Darkthrone, Until The Light Takes Us, is now available for pre-order at Factory 25. I just secured my copy of the deluxe DVD edition.

... and a musical history lesson with Fenriz :


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Insomniac said...

I seen Until the Light Takes Us in Seattle during the first American screening tour. It was the first screening of the final cut. My friend Doug and I had a chance to talk to the filmakers before and after the screening. We talked about my band Skinwalker. Wolves in the Throne Room [Mr. Ites' favorite then]. As for the film, it's great. It's pretty much Varg and Fenriz telling it like it is from their own lips. Auderey and Aaron even Q & A'd at the end of the screening. It was a great experience. They were brave to make a film of this subject.