Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Like I had said on my Lurker Of Chalice post, most of the "demos" Jef Whitehead puts out under his Leviathan and Lurker Of Chalice monikers always sound more like fully realized albums rather than demos. The demo output for Leviathan is massive. Check out the Metal Archives to see what I mean. Below are some Leviathan demos I've collected. If anyone has any other demos that are not below PLEASE post them in the comments. I'd love to get them all. Some notes on the albums below: the "Verräter" album is a "best of" compilation from all the demo releases. There are two "Howl Mockery at the Cross" albums below - the 2001 version is the original demo version - the 2005 version is another "best of" demo compilation that has different songs from the 2001 version and also has an amazing Death In June cover. All of these records are highly recommended.

"MisanthropicNecroBlasphemy" (2000)

"Sacrifice Love at the Altar of War" (2001)

"Intolerance (XI)" (2001)

"Howl Mockery at the Cross" (2001)

"White Devil, Black Metal" (2002)

"Verräter" Disc 1 (2002)
"Verräter" Disc 2 (2002)

"Howl Mockery At The Cross" (2005)


Jaxel said...

Thanks for the offering, turns out the only one i dont have is Sacrifice Love At The Altar of War.

Ill post other demos, since i have Demos Two Thousand, Seven & Slaveship, Ten, Shadow Of No Light and Nine that you don't seem to have. Those ones ill post on attila...again thanks a lot!

metro/sea said...

Thanx Jaxel! I'll keep an eye out for those demos when you post them. Great job with the Attila, Great blog!

BpmFronT said...

Leviathan is highly recommended, even for people who usually doesnt listen BM.
thanks you very much , i was missing 'Sacrifice love..' too, hehe

Trevor said...

Hey man. The links to all of the Leviathan demos got me pretty excited. I got all of the ones that worked but some of them are dead. It would be awesome if you could reupload them. Also, one of the the Draugar albums is dead. Thanks!

Willie's House of Fun said...

Thanks for hosting all these fantastic releases on mediafire! I just don't understand Rapidshare, but maybe that's because I don't have a premium account!

Darkoth said...

The first and last links don't work, but thanks for uploading these, man. It really made my day.

Anonymous said...

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