Thursday, September 06, 2007


I wanted to post some hard to find Joy Division releases in celebration of the new Joy Division movie called Control. In theatres this October, it was directed by the famous Anton Corbijn. If the trailer posted below is any indication of the film it looks like this is going to turn out to be one of my favorite movies of all time.

JOY DIVISION - "No More Ceremonies" (Live - The Lyceum, London, 29 Feb 1980)

JOY DIVISION - "Let The Movie Begin" (Interview excerpts & various live or studio recordings)

JOY DIVISION - "Warsaw Demos" (Early Joy Division tracks)


nmeoner said...

First time seeing the preview for the movie, it looks great. I'm a huge Joy Division fan, I don't know if huge is even a good enough word for how much I love that band. Ian's voice still gives me chills to this day.

I already had the albums but I recommened anyone who doesn't download them. You can't go wrong.

xjohn020x said...

Thanks again for these great posts! still enjoying Death In June. Love Joy Division, same as the comment before...

metro/sea said...

I'm seriously counting down the days until it comes out. it looks like it going to be so good.
These are the only "rare" Joy Division albums I have. if anyone else has any other live recordings or rare gems please share them here. Thanks!!

xjohn020x said...

I have some more rare stuff, I will post it as soon as possible.

xjohn020x said...

I am counting the days as well, got the film-poster today and going to see it soon.... Shame that the poster isn't the well known picture of corbijn with Ian sitting on the chair smoking a cig. ....but still a nice poster...

still thinking of getting ian his face as a tattoo..and of course the unknown pleasures !!!

greetings and keep up this great blog!

metro/sea said...

i actually have a poster of that famous pic of ian you were talking about. it's such a powerful photo. what does your movie poster look like? where did you get it? i would love to get my hands on one! i'm looking forward to the rare joy division stuff you have. thanks!!

jd45 said...

Thans a lot for this post.
I'm a fan since more than 20 years.