Friday, February 01, 2008


Pennsylvania's Autumn were without question early pioneers of what's known today as 'screamo' due to their vocal style. Listen to "The Box In The Cellar" 7 inch to hear what I mean. Existing in the early/ mid '90s they they released two 7" EPs and a CDEP released by a subsidiary division of Revelation Records. I had the chance to seem them live a few times and was always floored by their heavily emotional live performances. If anyone has any images or information on what the guys from Autumn are doing now please post it in the comments. Photo above was taken by me at a show Autumn played in a firehall.

AUTUMN - " The Box in the Cellar" 7 inch

AUTUMN - "Wire Hangers" 7 inch


Anonymous said...

Most of the same members went on to be in The Passenger Train Proposal which had a very Sunny Day Real Estate influenced sound

blend77 said...

oh shit! nick, i have been looking for this autumn stuff forever...

couldnt even find mention of it anywhere.... i used to have both of these 7"s and was a fan of this band..

thanks for posting!

Thornton said...

Could you re up hayden please!!!

Damn Those Blood Suckers said...

No problem Blend! I have a bunch of other gems I just captured from vinyl that I will be posting soon.

jantunf said...

Thanks. I only had the Wire Hangers in mp3 format so I am grateful for the other 7"!

I actually have Wire Hangers on vinyl with two different covers:

autumn - wire hangers (paper bag cover, 72/300)
autumn - wire hangers [nevermore/717] (regular cover)

I look forward to more of your rips and I wish you could upload something new everyday!

Anonymous said...

George, Mark, and Jay went on to play in Passenger Train Proposal, they put out a demo and seven inch and if you ask George he will send you a bunch of unreleased stuff as well. He lives here ->

Jay then moved to San Diego and formed The Dropscience

Mark went on to be in a few local to Philly area bands which escape me at the moment

Rich went on to form the Party Wreckers

George after PTP went on to join Aim of Conrad and is now singing in some new band in Philly, I will get back to you on that later. He also played with the Party Wreckers I think and guitar for Firewalker.
Aim of Conrad / Lions and Lambs –

Aaron Edge went on to form Christ (Which George also at some point joined during the PTP era) and also went on to form many projects in Seattle (Himsa etc.)

Blandy Reid said...

Hey there. This is Joe. I actually released the Wire Hangers 7" on Nevermore Records. I'm glad to see people are still enjoying this years after the fact! Cheers!

Chamberlin said...
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nremondelli said...

...and this is Nck. i played bass and then guitar the last few years from 95-97 and was part of the CD and last 7-inch recording. Thank you for your continued support. I am glad that people are still enjoying it.

I have put up a few snippets on youtube of our shows. Two are from the infamous Clevo fest. Just do a search.


George said...

Aaron said...

I have a whole bunch of other recordings besides what you posted. Things I have are:
4 Song Demo
1 track from the compilation "A Document of Nothing"
4 song Self titled
1 song from "The Tie That Binds" compilation

If you want them, I can upload them for you.