Thursday, February 07, 2008


Order Of Importance was a "screamo" band hailing from Florida in the mid/late '90s. Their sound is similar to other bands from that era and scene like Reversal Of Man, Inkwell, and Frail. Recommended.

ORDER OF IMPORTANCE - "s/t" 7 inch


rickysmith said...

speaking of inkwell - anyone have links to their 7"s?

cda said...

I have never heard this before I likes! Thanks for all the good posts. I just started a blog it probably sucks but check it out.

jantunf said...

Yes, Yes!!!!1

This was an awesome post. I have the vinyl but I have been looking for a rip of it for forever online.

Thanks for making my day.

Backmasking said...

Finally! Do your homework, kiddies.

Cheers, Will

awakening said...

wow..a blast from florida. i have been looking for a rip of this for awhile now. i am too lazy to do it myself. ha.

anyone have the split 7". i swear i remember stickfigure having a split of theirs at one point way back when, but i never bought it and i can't even remember who it was with.

weleasewoger72 said...

Thanks for posting this. Mine got stolen!

Jana Miller said...

Wow, sure didn't expect to see this here... awesome. These guys were good friends of mine back then. Went on tour with OOP and Reversal of Man up the East coast for a couple weeks in the 90s.

awakening - The 7" split I have is with Never Again, released on Blacksmith Records out of Tampa FL. Which is where OOP was based.