Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Can someone upload a copy of Weston's hard to find album "Return to Mono" and post a link in the comments? It would be greatly appreciated! I can't find it anywhere. Here some info on the album I found online :

"Left in record label limbo, the band chose Australian-based Rubber Records for their follow-up LP to Matinee. Without any North American distribution, the Return to Mono album was near impossible for most fans to find. Import copies ranged from $30-40, and the band themselves had no copies on the following tours."


deathinthepark said...

nice blog dude.
not my favorite weston but here you go:


up the pa punx.

thx fr the ups

Damn Those Blood Suckers said...

Thank you so much! You made my day :)

NJPP Archives said...

can you please re-upload? thanks!