Friday, December 07, 2007


Weston and Plow United were two of the most exciting pop punk bands in Pennsylvania in the 90s. Both bands shared similarities with their New jersey brother bands Lifetime and The Bouncing Souls. This split 7" was released in 1995 on Coolidge Records. You can find out more about both bands and their other albums by checking out their wiki pages : Weston & Plow United. Weston recently reformed and is playing some shows this month. Check their myspace page to find out more.

WESTON / PLOW UNITED - "Split 7" (1995)


Troy said...

Wow. That's all I have to say. It is so amazing to see someone posting this amazing record. Two great bands on slab of vinyl. I have this record myself, and growing up in Meadville, PA, this certainly brings back the memories. Thanks dude.

atom said...

Weston plays Maxwell's next Saturday. They are playing two shows since the first sold out. The over thirty crowd should be thick.

Ben said...

plow united saved me from boredom, one nite, during the potato sack emo ghetto of the mid 90s. was blown away by a band without a member crying on stage, that show. still have good nite sellout.

you can't kill caue i'm already dead



Damn Those Blood Suckers said...

Is anyone going to those Weston shows? If so let e know how they were. I fly back to the east coast the day after the last show :(

brendan said...

i saw both of the weston shows (early and late) at maxwell's this summer; they were fucking FANTASTIC. they started off a little sloppy, but got better as the evening progressed, and played songs off of every record up to and including matinee. it was pretty awesome to feel like a teenage dork again, in a room full of fellow 30-year old "teenage" dorks.

tom said...

Oh man I remember Plow! best song ever:

A small part of me is sayin I still have a chance
The rest of me is laughing at the first part
For bein so naïve
I don't know what to do but
I wanna tell you something
I wanna tell you something
I'm a fuck up now
I don't know what I'm doin
I let my guard down once
My whole life is ruined
I try to give it up
I try to think it through
I saw you just last night
Couldn't even talk to you
If I could treat you like shit then you'd love me forever
At least I'm workin now
This is my second day
I hate it so much here
I do it anyway
It doesn't help at all
what you've done to me
I'm going crazy
I think about you constantly
If I could treat you like shit then you'd love me forever...

always last said...

can someone please reupload this? thanks in advance