Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the almighty INK & DAGGER

Ok, i usually never like to do reposts but this is the almighty INK & DAGGER were talking about and exceptions can be made. The other night a friend and I were going through photos he took at shows in the late 90s and stumbled upon a bunch of Ink & Dagger pics. It got me thinking about the many times I saw them play. They were by far one of the best live bands ever for me. Unfortunately they broke up in 1999 and shortly after their lead singer was found dead in a motel room. Their records are almost all out of print now except for their final posthumous record on Buddyhead (which you can download on iTunes). Below are their out of print records and a live show."Today the headline read; They said love was dead! (the vampires killed it dead)"

INK & DAGGER - "Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart" (CD)
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INK & DAGGER - "The Fine Art Of Original Sin" (CD)
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INK & DAGGER - "Live on WKDU" (Radio Show)
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INK & DAGGER - "Le Shok / Ink & Dagger" (Split 7 inch)
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INK & DAGGER - "Sensation" (7 inch)
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Backmasking said...

I think I'm the only cat in this great big world that never got into Ink & Dagger.

Damn Those Blood Suckers said...

Trust me, you're not the only one. They used to get heckled all the time at shows. You either loved them or hated them. I was in the the love camp.

Anonymous said...

get on your knees bitches! i'd like to see the photos you mentioned.

rgratzer said...

I only have the Drive this Seven Inch... seven inch. I really like it, but I've always been bad at picking up more of their stuff. So, thank you!

I saw them a few times in Goleta, and the shows were great.

rgratzer said...

Also, why does the Drive this Seven Inch seven inch have ten songs?

oh wait, nevermind. It's a CD. I just have the 7" inch version of that... never noticed it was also released as an expanded CD.
It sounds like it was remixed, too...?

Damn Those Blood Suckers said...

I'm going to try and get my friend Bryan to post some of his pics he took of them. He has a lot of great ones. He did a shoot with just the singer which are great.

blend77 said...

nice. thanks a lot man!

i was looking for some of these 7"s

i skream said...

links are dead?

Anonymous said...

reup the live stuff please!

sam said...

links are dead.

Crisis Nerviosa said...

Please re-up the live stuff. I've been looking for it for a long time...