Thursday, March 06, 2008

COURTNEY LOVE (band, not the woman)

Not to be confused with the Hole front woman and Kurt Cobain widow of the same name, the Olympia, Washington-based indie-pop band Courtney Love was formed in 1990 by singer-guitarist Lois Maffeo and drummer Pat Maley. After just three singles -- their debut "Uncrushworthy," "Highlights" and "Hey! Antoinette" -- and a handful of compilation tracks, Courtney Love disbanded in late 1991, with Maffeo going on to cult stardom as a solo singer/songwriter and Maley later running Olympia's noted Yo-Yo studio and its accompanying label. Below is their discography including all 3 of their 7 inches.

COURTNEY LOVE - "Discography" (Three 7 inch records)
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