Thursday, August 02, 2007


Fast, heavy, thrashy - Crestfallen had a lot in common musically with their Virginia brothers in Pg.99 and Majority Rule. Their music managed to be insanely energetic while an undertone of darkness and melancholy seemed to creep into every song. Highly recommended. Please comment.

CRESTFALLEN - "Crestfallen"

CRESTFALLEN - "Streaks Of Terror"


nmeoner said...

Didn't Crestfallen have ex-members of pg.99 in it? I could be wrong though.

Kick ass band none the less.

Anonymous said...

Great band, could you post the track lists for these records possibly?


metro/sea said...

I'm not sure if there was a pg.99 connection with members but i wouldn't doubt it!

you can find tracklistings for these albums at :


hope that helps - nick

Lo-Res Viscera said...

The track listings at interpunk list more songs/less songs than what your d/l's have, but thanks anyways.

Great blog, btw :)

metro/sea said...

Yeah, just checked, looks like interpunk doesn't have the complete tracklisting for either album. i'll try and post the right tracklisting for both.

Lo-Res Viscera said...

No big deal, hey, can I get a link from you?
I stop by here everyday, ha ha

stay cold said...

The link for streaks of terror is broken, is it possible you could fix it or send me an alternative link?

Oliver said...

Awesome band. came across "Streaks of Terror" second hand in a record shop over here about 2003. Still gets many plays. The tracklisting on the back of my copy goes like....

Nine To Five RSVP
Beyond Recognition
Never Say Never
Scouring For Any Signs of life
Seen And Not heard....
....Biting Your Tongue off
Pecking Order
Disappearing Act
Eternal nightmare (Violence cover)

That any help?