Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Panthers is a group hailing from Brooklyn consisting of past members of Orchid, Turing Machine, and The Red Scare. Their first record saw them trying to capture the MC5's sound and political stances. Albums after saw them evolving into their own sound. They're currently signed to Vice Records and released a recent album called "The Trick". Pick it up if you like what you hear.

PANTHERS - "Are You Down" (2002)

PANTHERS - "Let's Get Serious" (2003)

PANTHERS - "Things Are Strange" (2004)


Walt said...

I love Jayson Green, and the old albums are fantastic. The new one isn't my favorite though, but "Are You Down?" and "Let's Get Serious" are some great albums. The only major problem with "Things are Strange" is that some of the songs are too long, and fail to hold my attention. The first two are classic though.

papstar said...

The new album isn't bad...but doesn't compare to the first two. Lemme know if you need it. Oh and btw...I think it's called 'the trick'. at least my copy is.

metro/sea said...

hey papster, your right about the album title. thanx! goblin city is the name of a track on it.

pencrush said...

yeah, the leak is called goblin city, but the actual album is called the trick.

Anonymous said...

the links are down
Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re upload?
I can't find this in the record shops :'(