Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Being a huge Nirvana fan I wanted to post this find I had awhile back. For those who could care less please bare with me. "Nevermind, It's an Interview" is the only officially released Nirvana interview CD. It was released worldwide as a radio promo only in 1992 to help promote the band as they were gaining fame. Copies of the CD are rare so when I found a copy I paid more then i should have but it was worth it. The disc contains some really interesting interviews with all 3 band members at the time along with clips of songs off "Nevermind" and "Bleach." Highly recommended for any Nirvana geek like myself.

NIRVANA - "Nevermind, It's an Interview" (1992)


nmeoner said...

Having lived in Seattle over half my life and being here for the height of the grunge era this is a cool thing to hear. I think I saw that CD once at my local record store used. If I knew it was so rare I would have picked it up lol.

RIP to Kurt, Layne and Andrew. Three amazing WA state artists that passed well before their time.

metro/sea said...

The copy I found was still shrink wrapped so I ended up spending close to $40 for it. For me it was worth it though.
What part of Seattle were you living in? I love it up there. I would love to live there or Portland one day.

nmeoner said...

When the whole grunge thing was going down I lived in a city just north of Seattle named Shoreline. My older cousins were really into the bands and let me tag along to the shows before they made it big (I was between the ages of 10-12 at the time) Sadly just about the ONLY band I didn't get to see live was Nirvana. I saw Alice In Chains at a venue that held about 200 people tops, that kicked ass. Saw Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney, Melvins, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, all at small time venues before people even knew who they were.

Now I live in Interbay area of Seattle which is just like 5 minutes from downtown. Of course there will never be another movement like the grunge one but there are still a ton of local Seattle and surrounding city bands that keep it a great place to live for someone who loves music and concerts as much as I do. Plus damn near about everyone stops in Seattle on tour.

Portland is cool too, I love that place. A little bit cheaper then Seattle too, but not much.

mr.A said...

Thanks dude, i didnt know there was a disc like this!!!

metro/sea said...

Awesome, glad you liked it :) i didnt know it exsisted either until i came across it in the used bin at the record store