Monday, August 06, 2007


Joshua Fit For Battle was a "screamo" band from Newark, Delaware that existed between 1998 until 2003. They released a slew of 7"s, split LP's, and one full length album during their run. Their sound is very similar to Neil Perry who they did a split LP with. Their official site is still online and has a lot more info on the band : I got to see them perform live once in the back of a small record store in Lancaster, PA. They were nothing short of incredible live. Explosive and frantic, you couldn't help but be moved in someway.

Joshua Fit For Battle - "To Bring Our Own End"

Joshua Fit For Battle - "Bring Out Your Dead"


nmeoner said...

To Bring Our Own End is so fucking good. Joshua Fit For Battle was one of the bands that got me into this kind of music.

I already got both of those but you can't go wrong with anything from Joshua Fit For Battle.

metro/sea said...

right on! did you ever get to see them live? where are you from?

nmeoner said...

Nope, never got to see them live. Would have loved to though.

I'm from Seattle via NYC. Been out here for just about 15 years though.

Anonymous said...


Members of Joshua and Neil Perry went on to form Welcome The Plague Year who are also pretty pretty pretty good.