Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hands down one of my favorite bands to emerge recently is Jesu. It's main creative force is the mega-talented Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Napalm Death). Jesu's sound is a mixture of shoegaze, drone, ambient, and industrial. If you haven't had a chance to hear them I highly suggest you get acquainted. Below is a live show from 2004 (thanks to James) and 2 tracks that were featured on the Japanese only version of the recently released "Lifeline" EP. Also below is part 1 of a mini Jesu documentary. The 2 other parts can be found on youtube. Enjoy!

JESU - "Live In Glasgow - 2004.08.04"

JESU - "Lifeline (Japanese Bonus Tracks)"



Here is some Final is described as the Justin Broaderick "Pre-Feelings" project...nice, droney, and stormy weather music. Enjoy.

more info:

Final 1

Final 2

metro/sea said...

great stuff! thanks!

Jana Miller said...

The one time I had a chance to see him I find out only after I paid for the show that he couldn't get into the US. Yes, I'm still upset about this. Thanks for the music!