Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I have tickets to see the highly anticipated movie Control this weekend. To celebrate I decided to post the Joy Division "Complete BBC Recordings" album. Also below is another trailer for Control. Enjoy!

JOY DIVISION - "Complete BBC Recordings"


Metagnathous said...

Thank you very much. Good job!

proven hollow said...

how bout a round of the new remastered double cd versions of the albums? any chance?

metro/sea said...

i wasn't aware their were new remastered versions of the albums. if anyone has them please let me know. i would love to get them.

metro/sea said...

i found this link to the remastered Closer album :


anyone have any others?


I found this link for the CONTROL soundtrack....thought of you


proven hollow said...

ive got the remastered double cd for still. i think there's one for closer and one for unkown pleasures. not sure what all is on the 2nd cds, the still one is i think their last live show and some soundchecks.

metro/sea said...

thanks for that closer soundtrack!

i would love to get that remastered still double cd if you would post it. i'd love to hear it!

proven hollow said...

i found still here:

the closer link on here is bad though. i can't seem to find the new closer (with the 2nd disc) and the expanded unknown pleasures. i'm sure they will pop up sooner or later though.