Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Growing up in the nineties in Pennsylvania I was exposed to a large amount of Straight Edge Hardcore. North of me in New York the hardcore scene was blowing up with bands like Earth Crisis and Snapcase. Their effect could be heard up and down the East Coast. Two of my favorite and lesser known bands from this era were Canon and Abnegation. Both were from Pennsylvania and both adopted Earth Crisis's hard nosed Straight Edge approach. Although a lot of the lyric content could be questionable at times, there was something about the urgency of the music that attracted me to it. Below is Canon's one and only 7 inch release, Abnegation's "Sown In The Remains" 7 inch, and the original Earth Crisis "Firestorm Demo." I have heard from various sources that the "Firestorm Demo" was what Earth Crisis sent to Victory to get signed.

CANON - "The Solution" (7 inch)

ABNEGATION - "Sown In The Remains" (7 inch)

EARTH CRISIS - "Firestorm Demos" (Original Demo Tape)


xjohn020x said...

awesome!!!!!! thank you very much, i am trying to find this earth crisis demo for such a long time!!!

Canon!! my favorite band!!


metro/sea said...

I didn't know if anyone would like this post so I'm glad to hear you liked it :) Thanks!

Stephen said...

dude, is this the "93 demo?" that thing is incredible and has one of the best EC songs on it, "the order that shall be."

also, snapcase was from buffalo. :)

keep up the good work. i like your blog a lot.

blend77 said...


i love Firestorm, i always have, and i havent been straightedge since 1994... but theres something really fun about singing the opening lyrics..


lol! good post...

mark said...

Peaceful protest doesn't get the job done
So I wake up for the rally grab my soy milk and my gun
Breakfast with the family get the grub on see what's up
Then I saw my sister had milk in her cup
I jumped out of my chair and sprayed her with my mace
I yelled "vegan power,�? and I kicked her in the face
Dad was bugging, he started to run
But he's a meat eater so I pulled out my gun
Shot him in the back, then I shot his wife
That's how it's got to be in defense of all life.

Airball said...

Canon played the first hardcore show I ever went to in Philly in 1994. It was Canon, Doc Hopper (with Ernie from Black Train Jack playing guitar), 108, Snapcase, and one or two others maybe. I wish I had a flyer for that show! Seeing Snapcase that night was one of best experiences.

mark said...

I remember living in Buffalo, NY and eating at a restraunt and the dude who sang for Snapcase was our waiter. Funny how things work out.

Buske said...

The CANON 7-inch is still one of my all time favorite releases from that era. Guav (Conviction Records) was suppose to release their next recording, you know if they ever recorded anything after that? I've picked Guav's brain for years, but he's old and doesn't remember anything past yesterday.

The Taxi Driver sample at the beginning of "Firestorm"... brilliant.

xjoex said...

This blog is rad I have wasted half my day looking at 90s hardcore... since I grew up outside philly listening to this stuff. Thanks for doing this!

Here are some pics of abnegation playing at a friends school in pa june of 95 I think:


Yosef said...

Fucking love all 3 of these. I have both of those 7"s & rock them all the time. I have the ExC demo copied on a CD, but I'd really, really love to score an original copy if you're ever willing to part with it.

Also, if anyone out there has any Canon or Abnegation shirts, hit me up any time.