Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Xasthur is one of the most exciting one man black metal bands around right now. Hailing from Southern California, Xasthur's music is dark, depressive, and suicidal. Below are a bunch of harder to find Xasthur releases. Enjoy! On a side note, it seems mediafire is being a little weird with some links on previous posts. I'll try and go through and fix any problem links.

XASTHUR - "1997 Rehearsal"

XASTHUR - "Split With Orosius"

XASTHUR - "A Darkened Winter"

XASTHUR - "A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors"

XASTHUR - "Split w/ Acid Enema"

XASTHUR - "2002 Rehearsal"

XASTHUR - "Split w/ Angra Mainyu"

Nachtmystium and Xasthur: