Friday, May 16, 2008


Arckanum's long awaited album Antikosmos looks like it is finally is going to see the light of day. It is set to drop next month and to prove it Debemur Morti Records has posted a track on their site. Click here to download it. If anyone has an advance copy of Antikosmos please leave a comment. Below is a rare 2 song 7" to hold us over until Antikosmos is released.

ARCKANUM - "Boka Vm Kaos" (7 inch)
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Jeff Chord said...

Hey this isn't a comment about this, but that Raccooooooon or whatever band was fucking awesome. They're from around my area (Waterloo/Iowa City are only about an hour away) and I saw them a few times in a garage and they were way fun live.

Awesome, eclectic blog here dude.

Damn Those Blood Suckers said...

thanks for the kind words :) i've heard RACCOO-OO-OON are amazing live. i really want to see them if they ever come to LA. are they any other bands from your area worth checking out?

Jeff Chord said...

I'm not going to lie, I'm mostly a hardcore/punk kid so most of the stuff from around here I'm into is of that nature but theres lots of greats.

William Elliot Whitmore - folk/bluegrass (basically sounds like he's from the 40's in Mississippi)

Brooks Strause - depressing folk

Beat Strings - Dance/rock and roll type stuff

Old Scratch Revival Singers - another folky type thing (I'm bad at describing stuff I don't know much about, sorry)

Theres my band Quick Fix - 80's sounding hardcore

Plague City - sounds like Cursed/American Nightmare/Converge

Take Control - sounds like if the Hope Conspiracy and Sinking Ships had a baby

Like I said theres a lot and not a lot. My friends/roomates and I live in a house where we book most of the hardcore/metal/punk stuff that comes through.

And BTW, I'm not 100% sure but I think RACCOO-OO-OON broke up, but I'm not sure.

Jeff Chord said...

Also, that Mayhem/Morbid split boot ruled my bike ride today. Thanks a lot for that! Any recommendations on good heavy or atmospheric black metal?