Thursday, May 29, 2008


I got to see Maps & Atlases open up for Foals last week in Los Angeles and was blown away. If you haven't checked out their album "Tree, Swallows, Houses" go out and buy it now! After doing some research I came across this out of print EP the band self released in 2005. Be on the lookout for the bands new album via Sargent House on June 16th. For fans of Minus The Bear, Don Caballero, and Joan Of Arc. Highly recommended!

MAPS & ATLASES - "Bird Barnyard" (EP)
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Anonymous said...

thanks for this one.

Damn Those Blood Suckers said...

no problem. thanks for all those funeral diner albums you posted! they rule

MarshallStaxx said...

Hey, Thanks for this. I caught these guys live in London a while back and really liked them but didn't find out who they were for quite a while (going to shows after polishing off a bottle of Jim Bean looks good on paper but in practice is a nightmare). The full length sounds like it's going to be good.

Rudy said...

I've got a handfull of songs from Maps & Atlases that are not on any of their official releases. Would you happen to know anything about these songs?

Logic And Opposable Thumbs
Still Life With Apples 46
The Dangers Of Telescopes
Days Museum
Dave Raw

Artwork? Demo name? Year? Any information would be appreciated if you have it.

mike said...

Rudy, where can I get those songs? I'd love to hear them.

mrjuaco said...

Thanks men. Really enjoy the band and don´t know about this EP since now.