Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The Mayhem / Morbid split bootleg CD "Tribute To The Black Emperors" compiles recordings of Mayhem's most famous suicidal lead singer, Dead. Since Dead killed himself before he laid down any proper vocal tracks for Mayhem's first full length these recordings are very special. The Morbid tracks feature Dead before he joined Mayhem. The Mayhem tracks feature the bands "classic line-up" consisting of Dead, Euronymous, Hellhammer and Necrobutcher. This is a huge piece of Black Metal history.

MAYHEM / MORBID - "Tribute To The Black Emperors" (Split CD)
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Anonymous said...

hey, i dig the music you put up alot. i was wondering if you wanted to trade links if you like the music i put up on mine.


jo.ko said...

I really like your blog, you are talking about musicians I appreciate very much myself - and you just made me want another record! (;

I'm posting about metal myself a lot, perhaps you're interested in link trading with me?

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