Friday, May 30, 2008

METRO/SEA interview

Click here to read a recent interview I did regarding my artwork and my job as creative director at Epitaph Records for origiVation magazine.


papstar said...

thats definitely cool man...good interview.

wasn't aware of your actual job, pretty interesting

Damn Those Blood Suckers said...

thanks man :)

blend77 said...

hey, this was awesome to read. As a graphic designer I feel you on your last statement about liking the complete package.

When I was young I used to buy album because of artwork. Of course I bought others, but I definitely bought a bunch just because it looked so cool.

Thats pretty much the only reason I buy vinyl these days. if i like the complete package i'll buy it on vinyl for the extra large artwork and ll the packaging quirks.

The SunnO)))/Boris album looked amazing.

Anyway, good work. I like your graphics..

kevin duquette said...

hey man. kind of a random comment. but yeah... i stumbled upon your blog while searching for some elliott smith b-sides. i got to perusing your blog entries and started seeing a lot of stuff i'm into as well (harmony korine's a crazy ass dude).

anyway, i'm a graphic designer myself. although i work for a significantly smaller more upstart indie label out of boston, ma (topshelf records... we're a subsidiary of bridge nine). anyhow, i just felt compelled to comment on this post because of how much i agree with it all.

i used to be a MD at my college's radio station and i'd put certain CD's we'd get to the top of my stack based on album art alone. epitaph releases (whether i ended up charting them / liking them or not) were usually in the mix. a good case would be that farewell CD. props if you're responsible for that (i was on Warped all summer with my label and farewell's tent and merch looked amazing as well).

anyhow, as a dude who does a similar line of work as you, albeit on a smaller scale, i just wanted to say right on, good job, yadda yadda, i really dig commit this to memory's art, etc. cool.

here's a link to my newest CD layout. if you gotta minute, some feedback would be awesome.

well right on, back to finding those b-sides...