Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Black Eyes was a band from Washington, D.C. on Dischord Records. The first time I saw them live was in a anarchist run store front in Los Angeles. I had only been in LA for a month but was already a huge fan after hearing their first 7" and LP. So I decided to brave the show alone and was grateful I did. The storefront was the size of a living room. People were packed in tight dancing and having a blast along to their unique brand of art dance punk. It stands out as one of my favorite shows. After their first LP they went on to release the LP "Cough" which saw the band leaning more towards their art/noise tendencies. It took me awhile to warm up to this record but it eventually grew on me. Below is the first 7" and LP. If you like what you hear I suggest buying "Cough" through Dischord.

BLACK EYES - "Black Eyes" (2003)

BLACK EYES - "Some Boys b/w Shut Up I Never (7 Inch)" (2002)


mr.A said...

THANKS for the link to my blog dude!!! And a much bigger thanks for the Black Eyes 7" awsome band, and a shame they quite.

..i'll link you back.

Cage said...

Rad band, thanks man.

Muted Sorrow said...

is there any way you could repost that 7" ? the link no longer works.


BAN777 said...

Can you post a new link for "Some Boys / Shut Up, I Never"?