Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Featuring a member of Encyclopedia of American Traitors, Excelsior was a unique gem compared to their peers in Pennsylvania. I was lucky enough to see them a few times but I won't lie, I hated them the first few times I saw them. There was something about them I couldn't shake though. After picking up their "Can I Get Some Satisfaction Up In This Piece" album I started to get the picture. Think dirty southern rock, motorcycles, and dirty bars all filtered through the sensabilities of a late 90s hardcore kid and you will start to get the picture too. Give it a try.

EXCELSIOR - "Can I Get Some Satisfaction Up In This Piece"

EXCELSIOR - "Excelsior"


Anonymous said...

Remember when you named your car "EXCELSIOR!!"???

with love,
(E)man Ray

metro/sea said...

does (E)man Ray = Mono?

Anonymous said...

You are correct sir! Hahaha..what's up Nick?? Long time broseph. I'll be shooting you an email then. Nice blog!


metro/sea said...

awesome! please do! do you have my email address? hit me with your AIM name.
ps. i'll look in your damn bucket!