Friday, July 20, 2007


So I thought I would switch gears a bit and do a post with 2 bands who are actually new and active. Both Mika Miko and New Age are from the town I call home now: Los Angeles. If you get the chance to see either live you will be blown away. Both bands have made me excited about seeing live music again. Think art punk rock inspired by the North-West scene of the mid nineties and you will be somewhere close to both bands sounds. Be sure to check out their Myspace pages : Mika Miko + No Age. Also if you like them please buy their music and go see them live!

MIKA MIKIO - "666"

NO AGE - "Weirdo Rippers"


Anonymous said...

No Age sounds pretty interesting...

As far as I know these guys used to play in a band called Wives, which I've heard some good about.

Do you maybe have anything from Wives?

metro/sea said...

I actually lost their full length in my last move. If anyone has any wives stuff please post it. i'd love to hear it again. thanx

lil ceesco said...

saw Mika Miko last night with Double Dagger and the Deathset. Mika Miko? holy fucking shit! it was kinda funny, watching them setup and sound check, not knowing who they were, i thought to myself it was going to be a joke, then they introduced themselves and fucking killed it. like no other shit I seen before. BTW, your blog is hella sweet, you've gotten me into a lot of "new" older stuff. most bands i've always heard of, but never got into. thank you.


Ross said...
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