Monday, July 23, 2007


Hailing from Nova Scotia, North Of America made music closer in sound to bands from the DC scene like Q And Not U & Fugazi. Their stunning third album "Brothers, Sisters" was an amazing mixture of indie rock and smart pop. I first heard a few songs online when I first moved to LA about 4 years ago. I was so hooked I ventured around Hollywood looking for a record store that had it. I finally found a copy at Amoeba and went on to listen to it more times then I could count. The photo above was taken by Yolamda.

NORTH OF AMERICA - "Brothers, Sisters"

NORTH OF AMERICA - "This Is Dance Floor Numerology"


TypicalFashion said...

do you want my north of america record on pink?

Anonymous said...

More times *THAN not then. How can you even respect a person's opinion of "art", if they don't understand the basic fundamentals of the actual language they speak?

METRO/SEA said...

Hahahaha! You must have never made a mistake in your life. That's pretty impressive. I never claimed to be a writer or someone you should/need to take seriously. Those who point out the flaws of others surely are consumed with their own self doubt and insecurity. Have fun with your life!