Monday, July 02, 2007


Reversal of Man was a screamo band from Tampa, Florida, that existed from 1995 to 2000. They were at the forefront of the 90's screamo scene with other accomplices such as Orchid, Combat Wounded Veteran, Jeromes Dream, etc.

REVERSAL OF MAN - "This Is Medicine"

REVERSAL OF MAN - "Revolution Summer"

REVERSAL OF MAN - "Electric Youth Crew (split with Combat Wounded Veteran)

REVERSAL OF MAN - "7 inch and Compilation Track Discography"


Anonymous said...

OK, I must admit that I didn't dig them immediately in the past, but to my surprise I started to like them much more after some time.

I posted This Is Medicine some time ago so I'll add the link to your post for people who want to hear more screaming by them ;)


metro/sea said...

just checked out your blog - really great stuff! i'm so stoked you posted the Encyclopedia of American Traitors! I got to see that band live a few times and every time was such an amazing experience

rybunal said...

any clue to if the members do anything now?

literarily fucked said...

these kids were one of the first bands i saw live and it changed my life. the lyrics to their song "quantis" is my back piece. they are working on four cassette discography and need pics of themselves and old merch for the layout. matt, the singer, is now in the band wake up on fire.

greezus chrust said...

all the ROM links are dead...any chance of re-ups?


love the blog!

☺milio said...

saw in Italy in 1999 maybe..
great band-

Jana Miller said...

rybunal - Matt from ROM now sings in Light Yourself on Fire w/Ex-members of Scrog (and other bands) -