Monday, July 30, 2007


The Wind-Up Bird exist somewhere between Dirty Three and Godspeed You Black Emperor. They create beautiful and sparse compositions that overtake you. Both records are highly recommended.

THE WIND-UP BIRD - "The Wind-Up Bird"



Brian said...

Did you know that one of this band's two original members--not sure if he's still in the band--was the bassist/singer for the CT band Jerome's Dream? We used to chat online a lot and started getting into quieter music around the same time (1998-99) and when I heard this band's first three-song demo I was floored. So good! The Jerome's Dream stuff is great, too. I had it on my old hard drive but unfortunately lost it earlier this summer, so it's only on vinyl now...

metro/sea said...

I had heard that there was a member of JD in the band but wasn't sure if it's true. JD was such a great band. I even liked that full length where the singer sounded like an old time gangster :)