Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Ethel Meserve got their name from an eldery woman who worked on Penn State College campus where members of the band went to school. They disbanded in 1998 after touring with contemporaries Braid and The Get Up Kids. Although Ethel Meserve never got as much recognition as those contemporaries their music had as much passion if not more. They are truly a looked over gem from that era. When I listen to Ethel Meserve I'm taken back to snow covered winters in Pennsylvania; to desolate streets at night; to rainy days in fall. Where will you let them take you?

ETHEL MESERVE - "The Milton Abandonment"

ETHEL MESERVE - "Spelling The Names"


Desmond said...

another old favorite. i can't keep up!

metro/sea said...

i have a ton of stuff like this to post. so many great bands so little time :)

Egan said...

Yes! I lived in State College and saw these guys play all the time and even went a few shows that they put on. So good, thanks for posting this.

Critical Chris said...

man, id really love to get a chance to listen to this. you havent steered me wrong yet. your blog is by far the finest I've seen musice taste wise. Keep it up man.

Phil said...

Both links don't work anymore :(